duster in a radiator

When it comes to cleaning the house, most people will likely only clean the front of the radiator, with little regard for the rest of it simply because it’s not visible. If you’ve yet to clean your radiator properly then it’s likely filled with dust and whatever else falls between it and the wall.

Cleaning your radiator is more than just a hyenic necessity, it can actually effect the performance of your radiator due to the deposited dust acting as an insulator and preventing heat from escaping into your room.


  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Duster
  • Bucket of Soapy Water
  • Sponges and Clothes
  • Towel or a Dust Sheet
  • A long stick (yard stick)
  • Sellotape

Cleaning Steps

Turn off the heating

This is an obvious one but it is also an important one which is why we put it in the method. But not only does make cleaning the radiator safer, it actually stops more dust from collecting in the radiator therefore it actually does have some practical use.


Start vacuuming the top, inside and bottom of the radiator, trying to remove as much dust as possible. There are certain attachments that make this easier but if you don’t have them it doesn’t matter you can do it without.


This is where we get more creative. Get your long stick and Sellotape a cloth to the end of it. Make sure that you don’t Sellotape it too much to the point where you’ve covered up the majority of the cloth up.

Then place or sheet below the radiator to catch all the dust and dirt that falls on the floor. Then begin to push all the dust at the back of the radiator with the stick and keep doing this until it is completely clear.


This is actually rather simple and does work quite effectively, of course the more powerful the hairdryer the better the results. With the sheet or towel still on the floor, point the nozzle down the back of the radiator and turn on so it blows anything the yardstick left behind.

Soapy Water

Now that all the dust is gone it’s time to fill your bucket with soapy water and start cleaning the outside of the radiator. Once you have finished washing it down dry it with a dry cloth.

There you have it, a clean and potentially more efficient radiator! If your radiator is beyond a thorough cleaning then check out our designer range here.