Tips: saving heat

We all would love to save heat from escaping our homes. Whether it’s to save money or would just like to be that little bit warmer. We have a few little tips that will help you trap heat in your home so that you are all nice and snug.


Closing curtains actually reduces the amount of heat lost through your windows. Be sure to tuck them in behind the radiator to force the heat into the room rather than towards the window. The thicker the curtains the more effective this is. However, if you are doing this on a sunny day you might want to open the curtains to allow the sun in, this will also give you heat. This can be effective if you open and close the curtains at the right times.

Close the unused rooms

If you are only using the living room for example, then make sure that all the doors linking to the living room are closed. This gives the warm air less space to circulate which will keep the warm air in. Especially if you use a fireplace in that room, the heat being generated will not circulate around the whole house therefore it will be more effective. A second door after your front door is beneficial too as it can act as a kind of ‘airlock’ to the hot air so nothing is lost when you enter and exit your home.

Rugs and carpets

Using rugs and carpets are perfect for trapping heat in the house. Plus, nobody likes walking bare footed on cold wood or tiles. It gives you a warm comfortable feeling when walking across it and it actually does trap heat in the room. Perfect.

dog sleeping on a rug

Warm drinks

This is perfect for keeping you warm on a cold night. Getting comfy on the couch with a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate is unbeatable in winter. It keeps you warm and tastes delicious, what is there not to like about that? Plus, we are British, we love a good cup of tea.

woman holding a hot drink in her hand

Heater or fireplace

Putting on the central heating when you’re the only one in can be a little bit of a waste. You will be heating the entire house when you’re only using one room. A fireplace or a heater will be a lot more effective as it only heats up the room that you’re using.

log fire

If you put all of this together you will be trapping a lot of heat and keeping yourself nice and cosy no matter how cold and harsh the night gets!