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We’re sure you’ve had the internal debate of whether to get a towel rail or radiator when remodelling your bathroom before. However, when it comes down to which is better, well that all depends on the aesthetics you want and the function you are using it for. This is why we put together this guide with everything you need to know about Radiators and Towel Rails. That way you can decide for yourselves which one you think takes the crown.


Now if you are looking for something to heat up the bathroom the best then you will want a radiator. Both the towel rail and radiator are more than adequate to heat up the bathroom however, a radiator has a higher BTU which means it has a higher heat output.

white vertical radiator on a grey wall

Due to the vertical bars on a vertical radiator you can’t hang towels on it whereas the towel rail has horizontal bars allowing you to do so. This in turn means that unless you go for a horizontal radiator you are unable to hang towels on it. A radiator will do the trick by heating the room, but then you have to sacrifice the warm towel.

chrome designer towel rail on a grey wall


This is really all about preference. However, the difference between the two of them are getting smaller as vertical radiators are becoming increasingly popular. Vertical radiators are similar to towel rails however the bars run vertically up on the radiators whereas the bars run horizontal on towel rails so that they can hang the towels. Again, it also depends on the room that you are in, for example a towel rail wouldn’t look right in a living room. However, a radiator would look good anywhere in the house. However, the bathroom, both of them deserve a place there so it will all be down to preference of looks and the whether you would prefer aesthetically and functionality.

Or if you really still can’t decide between them both, we also sell a radiator that has towel rails on. That way you benefit from higher BTUs but also get warmer towels.