perfect radiator for you

Everyone has different tastes and preferences which makes us and our houses all unique in some way. So, if you are shopping for a radiator etc. you’d more than likely not just go and buy the most popular because whilst many people may love that design, it may not be particularly to your taste. This is why we decided to create a guide to help you with picking out a radiator for your home.

Aside from the obvious factors such as whether the radiator is traditional, contemporary, vertical or horizontal etc, you need to consider everything from the type of valves to the heat output. Otherwise you could end up with a stunning radiator with pipework that is incompatible and too low a heat output to heat your space properly.”


Modern radiators look perfect in contemporary houses as they stand loud and proud, adding to the modern interior instead of hiding within the existing design. Opt for a horizontal radiator for bedrooms and living rooms as they can fit perfectly below windows and use up wall space that wouldn’t usually get used up anyway. Take a look at our Norden range that works great with soft colours.

norden radiator horizontal

If you want to keep all the radiators around the house a similar design, then modern radiators are perfect because they look good horizontally and vertically. For the bathroom and kitchen, you could use a vertical design as they utilize space well for these rooms that need a lot of space but they don’t lose out on high heat output. Look at our vertical Norden range looking effortless against the white and grey tiles.

norden radiator range vertical


Now there are two types of traditional radiators. You have traditional column radiators, and you have the design from a bygone era – often Victorian. Let’s take a look at the common column radiator. These radiators have a bygone Victorian era look to them but maintain a modern performance. Here is our Bern range.
white bergen radiator range horizontal

If you have a more traditional, Victorian styled house then a bygone Victorian era styled radiator would look amazing in your home. These tend to be harder to find due to their niche nature but if you look around on the internet you will find one easy enough.

The perfect radiator for you all depends on your home’s design, what room it’s going in, your preference and the heat output. So make sure that you take all of that into account when shopping in order to avoid disappointment later on.