make a house a home

If you are moving into a new house or lived there for a while but never got around to decorating, we will guide you through some important steps into turning your house into a warm, loving home that you can not only be proud of but feel part of it too!


If your heating system isn’t as efficient as you would like it to be, then have a look at what the problem might be. This could either be because the boiler is on its way out or maybe you simply just need some new radiators that have a higher BTU (heat output measurement). If it’s the latter, then our Harstad double tube radiator would work perfectly as it has a staggering heat output of 5545 BTU.

harstad vertical radiator in white

The style of radiators often go overlooked as people tend to buy radiators only thinking of its functionality. However, the style of radiators actually does add a lot of style to a room. You can go for the traditional radiator look that will blend in to the room or you can opt for a designer radiator that will give the house a fresh, modern look to the house. Take a look at our huge variety of radiators over at Norden range, matte grey horizontal radiator.

Little details

When it comes to making, your house feel like a home it really does come down to small details. When a house is empty, with no pictures or ornaments, it always feels like the house isn’t being lived in. Put pictures around the house, on walls or in picture frames on bed side tables etc. Also, include paintings etc. It gives the house a personality and looks like people actually live in it. This doesn’t mean plaster the whole house though as it can feel oppressive.

Another small detail you can add to your house is cushions. It makes the couch look comfier and more welcoming and add that personal touch that will make you feel at home. But when it comes to cushions it doesn’t just have to just be the couch. Have excess cushions on the bed, they never get used but they do make the bedroom look classy and gives it a very warm and welcoming vibe.

cushion that reads love


Your walls are more likely going to plain white, which can look great, especially in a modern or contemporary styled house but, it doesn’t feel warm and homely. We would suggest opting for soft greys and browns that do give you the warming sense of home. Or, if you want to be a little bit bolder then add splashes of bright colours around the house and play around with little accessories.

living room that has splashes of lime green such as on the cushions and rug