have a cosy valentines day writing with two teddy bears hugging

We normally always try so hard to impress our loved one on Valentine’s Day. This usually results in expensive meals and flowers, trips away to hotels and more. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. You will find that sometimes money isn’t needed, just the effort. Try planning a full day/night at home. This could be a movie day or a home spa experience.


The benefits from this first of all is the money. Sometimes you can find yourself spending the same amount as you would for a holiday or even a new radiator. So, save that money and take that holiday or treat yourself to a new radiator.

The second benefit is that it can be more effective than a meal. If you take your partner for a meal, then no effort is required. You are just following all the cheesy clichés. If you actually plan a day at home, then more thought is put in which will be noticed and appreciated.

The third benefit is the ease of it. It does take more time to think of something to do, but the actual day is easier. You don’t have to leave the house and you don’t have to dress up fancy, you simply, where comfy clothes and watch movies all day. Or you could take it that next step to a cosy night in by ordering takeaway, however it isn’t as romantic as cooking.

Turn the radiators on and just sit back in the comfort and warmth of your home, nothing sounds better than chilling out in a warm home. It’s better than the crazy panicking of trying to make it to restaurants for the time you’ve reserved that’s for sure.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with your cosy self. Don’t follow the clichés, cosy nights in are just as good. Well we would say they’re even better!