BTU Explained

When buying anything you want to make sure you know exactly what you’re buying. When it comes to towel rails and radiators a lot of people don’t understand how much heat output they have. Well this is BTU. It stands for ‘British Thermal Unit’ and it the universal measurement for heat output in the plumbing and heating industry.

To put it in perspective, 1 BTU is equivalent to the heat given off by a single standard match stick. So make sure the BTU rating is sensible!

Working BTU out

The best and easiest way to find out what BTU you need for your room is to simply ask your plumber. They will work it out for you and you will be able to trust them that it will be accurate. However, if you want to work it out yourself then the formula is actually quite simple, with a calculator of course. All you need to do is get the length, width and height of a room in metres and apply it to this formula;

(Length x Width x Height) x 90

So, if you had a room that was 7m x 5m x 3m then you would need a radiator or a few radiators that have a combined BTU of 9,450

white modern vertical radiator

With the SANDVIK WHITE DOUBLE VERTICAL RADIATOR having 11,834 BTU you will have no problem warming up a room.